Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My last "30's" birthday

My girlfriend DeeAnn

My naughty cat Trouble

Well, yesterday after I was done at the orthodontist- at which I got a new wire on the top teeth and metal ties for the wire on the bottom, I had some items to purchase for my booths at the craft store. http://crafts4u.com/ Then I went to Walmart. I wasn't going for the possible typical things one might aquire there, such as toothpaste and shampoo. Not even clothing or a gift. Oh no. My agenda at Walmart involved finding some child-proof cabinet clips. (?) Child-proof you ask? My cat Trouble (see innocent photo above) knows how to open said cabinets with his paws. He then proceeds to go inside them. I think it's because he doesn't remember what he saw on his previous 37 other trips inside them!

I also had one other agenda while at Walmart. I needed to get one of those plastic carpet runners. You know, like the one that Dad and Beverly have inside the door from the garage on the farm. But don't be mislead. The runner will not be used on my carpet. NOOOO>>> It's another cat deterent!!!!! I will put pieces of it upside down on the counter tops. So if Trouble ...I mean "when" Trouble decides to jump up there again, hopefully it will hurt his little paws! Get it?

So after I arrived home, I went to work and installed the clips on the doors of the cabinets. Works like a charmed rattle snake rising out of a basket! :) I feel like I'm raising a beligerent 2 year old child! Sheesh! End of round 1....winner, Sandy.

Then I decided that I wanted an Angel Food Cake. So I baked that. Yummy! It's almost always better without frosting. One can never go wrong with Angel Food.

Then last night, my girlfriend DeeAnn, (goofy photo above) had a jewelry party. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's like going to a Home Interior or Pampered Chef party! You can't buy the same exact things in any store. Now, I'm not real keen on this kind of get-together, but I went because I could. And I knew there would be goodies to eat! Oh ok... and fun beverages to sip on. There's always an ulterior motive, isn't there? I did, however, find something that I thought I couldn't live without. Plus I won a pair of earrings as a door prize! Happy Birthday to me! It wasn't so bad after all.
Sunday night, I decided that it would be ok to treat myself to a trip to one of the 3 casinos that Iowa has to offer. The Horseshoe www.horseshoe.com is the newest one. It's run by Harrah's. If I had left when I initially thought I should, I would be feeling better about going there in the first place. Oh well, I only go there a couple of times a year, if that. Ho Hum.
So that was my day. I received phone calls from Cathy and Dad....both singing "Happy Birthday". But I was already in bed. I worked some overtime today. Thank you to all of you for the well wishes! Tonight I'm off to bowling. This is one sport I wouldn't mind doing year round. Soon volleyball will be starting again. Wow how time goes as one ages....I think I'll stay on number 39.....?!?


Kevin Moberg said...

Wow, you make having an indoor cat sound so fun.

What did you buy Monday night that you couldn't live without? Do tell!

[imagine me singing now:] "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Sandy, happy birthday to you."

Do you watch 30 ROCK on NBC? Watch your e-mail inbox . . .

Anonymous said...

E god's Sandy you are more long winded thatn I rember...LOL....
I don't miss the snow or any of the cold crap I left behind ..Our coldest day this winter was around 50 degrees and if you can imagine this they put out pet warnigs to get their pets inside because of the serious cold snap we were going to have...Can you believe that crap!!!!!!WE had pople on the ramp with parkas and snow suits on..I about wet myself..I showed up with shorts and a tee shirt..My boat club has some funny stuff on it..www.l-s-b-c.com
go to humor and watch the stuff..
Miss ya Sis..wish you the best and happy Birthday..
I'll let you know when I'm comming back up north..but it better be warm...I'm such a weinie...
Love ya.