Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Honored

Mowing season is upon us once again. And it just so happened to occur yesterday, the day before Earth Day! My grass is very plush and nice to walk on with bare feet. It was a little bit over due for a trim. I believe all the bunnies were beginning to think that they lived in a little forest! I couldn't let it go another day.

After arriving home from work, I dug out the mower, changed the ebony colored oil (very dirty!) and filled the bone-dry tank with gas and set about my task. I was reminded once again why I love to be outside! The plush feel of the freshly mown grass under feet made me think of the tree that I used to have. I would sometimes sit on the ground underneath it after mowing and just enjoy the scents that came with the fresh cut grass.
After I was done, I noticed that several neighbors followed suit or had already just cut their own yards earlier in the day. It was a domino effect. Even the yards in the cul-de-sac had a new trim before the day was over.

Once that was complete, I found some flower bulbs and planted them next to the garage wall. My landscaped area with mulch had served as a warm bed for the rabbits during the winter months. Seeing the up-turned mulch of their temporary nests from their evening snuggles gave me an idea. Why not freshen up the look of the mulch by cultivating it as if it were soil? I used my little 3 tined cultivator, similar to this one, and dug around in the mulch enough to mix it up and make it look brand new! I couldn't believe the transformation. The once flat mulch now had a fluffy, almost new look to it!

The grass and mulch with a fresh look.

The lilac with fresh leaves beginning to grow. On the left is the start (barely showing) of my Hosta that was eaten down to nothing by the rabbits last year.....grr!!

The perennials, Day Lillies and Salvia plants are looking great.

Also, I hung out some house decor such as my wind chimes. I love the fact that this time of year is here! Hopefully I'll have a new deck this year too. Last year I had to put that project on the back burner due to other repairs that were needed after the tornado. And no, the deck held up nicely during the tornado! The one thing that I would have loved to see be disintegrated was barely marred! Go figure! Stay tuned for news on that....Happy Earth Day!

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Kevin Moberg said...

At our last home, the rabbits destroyed our hostas, too--but we found some rabbit repellent spray made to apply to the leaves of the victimized plant. It worked! You could try that.

The yard's looking good (yours, not ours--it snowed again yesterday, so we're not ready to do any yard work yet).