Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Star in Town!

Omaha had the honor of hosting a filming crew this week. And what better place to film than the airport! And guess what.....I work at the airport. And guess what else....I got to see some of the filming. Along with my co-workers, we made a few walks through the terminal during our breaks just so we could see him!
The best part of all of this you ask? The star of the movie is George Clooney! Some may be familiar with his aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney. George has been in such films as O Brother Where Art Thou, Ocean's 11 and The Perfect Storm. He has also starred in the TV show ER. Here is a site you can check out to see all the other movies he has made so famous.
Eppley Airport was astir once people got wind of the fact that he was in the building! The passengers that were around to check in for their flights quickly caught on. It wasn't hard to notice due to all the crew and cameras and HUGE spotlights, etc., that were placed in their respectable positions for each take.
His new movie is called Up in the Air. Other stars in the movie include Jason Bateman, Sam Elliott and Anna Kendrick. I believe it's due out in November or sometime near that. I had known that he was coming to the airport so I had my camera on the ready. However, the crew that was working with him wasn't allowing any picture taking of any kind. They would literally take your phone or camera--whichever you were using to get a quick photo! So, I didn't try to get one of my own. The pictures I have here are courtesy of one of my co-workers whom was sneaky enough to get some shots in between the filming. They didn't want flashes going off during the shoots. Also, they have certain filming rights that would be violated if others took pictures.....blah, blah, blah!

After they filmed at the airport that day, the next day was spent downtown in the Old Market.
The news stations got a few shots of George through a window of one of the buildings they were filming in. George was nice enough to wave to all the people that had gathered outside to get a glimpse of the movie star.

George Clooney on a break from filming.
It was exciting to have such a handsome man/celebrity in our midst. Seeing him up close in person was even better! My friends were a little jealous! Too bad I wasn't able to get an autograph.......maybe next time!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Didja get his personal phone number? You are a single gal, after all . . .