Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Mowing to Snowing

Wednesday, October 7TH was almost the perfect fall day. Temps were in the mid 70's, a light breeze was shuffling the fallen leaves through yards, and it was a clear sunny day. The previous days were chilly with rain so my grass had grown enough in the last 2 weeks that it was time to mow.
Once I got home from work, I went right to the task at hand. The grass was very plush and had a dark lush green color. One could have thought that it was July or August by the way it looked. Although I knew what the forecast of weather had in store for us here in Omaha, I never would have thought it would happen based on the weather we were currently having.
The coming weekend was calling for rain, freezing temps hovering around 27*-30*, and a possibility of snow. Yes, snow. In October. Snow. Here, in Omaha, in October. Calgon, take me away! Really? I couldn't remember snow falling in October prior to Halloween in the 14 years that I've lived here. But, they said on the TV that it would only be roughly ½ an inch to maybe an inch in some areas. Mainly on grass covered surfaces.
Today, I was fortunate enough to have the day off from work. Thankfully so! I woke up and looked outside. Guess what I saw? The "S" word! You got it. Snow! But it was nowhere near only an inch! Sheesh! I would wager a guess and say there was almost 4-5 inches. No less either. And the worst part of it all? It was still snowing very large, wet flakes!

My geranium that's still blooming! But now it's most likely in total shock! It looks neat though, with a dusting of the white stuff.

I still had flower pots out because the flowers were still doing well due to our mild weather that is typical of Nebraska at this time of year. I was in no hurry to get them emptied out. Little did I know that it would actually get so cold so early! I actually had an appointment for my sprinkler system today sometime before noon. They were going to blow the water lines out and prep them for winter. And they did too. In the snow. Water sprayed out over the top of the snow covered lawn as the sprinkler heads barely stuck up through the white stuff.
I scurried upstairs to grab my video camera and captured the proof. It was very fluffy the way it sat atop my deck railing and plants.

If this is any indication of what our Omaha winter is going to be like, is hibernation out of the question?

Here is the link to my video. For some unknown reason, I was unable to put the video directly into my post. It works this way too.

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Kevin Moberg said...

Look at you, Miss Fancy Video Capabilities, what with the background music and the entire Schmo3503 channel on YouTube and such and so! I'm impressed. Our snow was light and temporary here, and autumn is expected to make a return next week.