Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did You Remember?

I always love this time of year. Setting the clocks forward means several things. One of them being that winter is hopefully coming to a close and summer is on it's way! At least in most parts of the country. It isn't exactly a phenomenon to have a snow storm in March or April in the upper Midwest. And the way this winter has gone, it would almost be a shock to not have another storm before the end of March!

But losing an hour of sleep doesn't really affect me only because I don't usually have to get up for work. It's always interesting to see, though, if I am working, just how many co-workers forget to set their clocks! Those of us that make it on time always wonder who's going to be late! But it's frustrating to have passengers for our flights show up late because they didn't change their clocks!

Another thing that this time of year means to me is that soon I'll be able to get back out into my yard and clean it up from Mother Nature's winter fury. And this year She was quite furious! Just raking the grass to remove the remnants of dead branches, leaves and grass clippings makes it look spiffy. Preparing my floral areas for planting also improves the look of the front yard. I can't wait to be able to shop for all my flowers for planting!

A week or so ago, the temps stayed over 30* for over a week straight. All the snow we had accumulated from all our snow storms finally melted enough to expose all my Christmas decorations in the yard. I was able to go out and take all of it down. Just doing that made my house look abandoned after seeing them for several months!
Cookouts with my friends is also something that we do quite often during the summer months. We all take turns having the others over. It's usually potluck and then we eat until we're miserable! The kids can all be outside and wear off some steam instead of being inside the house staring at a TV or computer or hand held game.

Vacations and road trips are another thing that I look forward to in the spring or summer. Although I only have one specific trip that I will make for sure this summer, I'm sure that others will come up! A trip to ND is in the works for McGregor's Centennial in August. I'm planning a trip to Las Vegas in May also.

So you see, this is one of my favorite times of the year! What's yours? Happy spring!

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Kevin Moberg said...

McGregor I knew about, but Las Vegas?! You traveler, you!