Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Tonight I was at my friends' house. Tammy and Steve have been hosting this holiday for a few years now. We usually make it a pot luck meal. This year was no different. We all were to bring something green if it was a dessert. I brought Mint Chip Ice Cream. Someone else brought green rice crispy bars. And another person brought green jello cake. It all followed, of course, the main course which consisted of corned beef and hash, Reuben sandwiches, and sour kraut with home made dumplings. I didn't see anyone drinking green beer but alcohol was being consumed! I was seated at the table with several others and it looked like a sea of green with each of us wearing the traditional garb of green shirts. We all tried to get in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day....even if some are not technically from the Irish descent.
It was an unusually nice day today as well. Jackets were not required and everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood. After all the months of snow and cold this winter, we were welcoming the sun with open arms. There were St. Patrick's Day flags hanging from the occasional porch as I drove through the neighborhoods. Spring is definitely on it's way! Some people were even out getting a head start on their yard work. Not me yet though. I'm afraid I'll jinx the nice days and another winter storm will sail right through!
I'm still a little bit surprised at the fact that it's already March 17TH. Even though our winter hasn't been one to brag about, it has gone fast. We had record snowfall amounts and the cold stuck around longer than any of us liked. But as always, we made it through.
St. Patrick's Day falling on a week day made for an early night. I myself have to get up for work at 3:10AM so I was one of the first to leave and head for home. A few others had left ahead of me. But most everyone in attendance was planning on making it an early night.
This is also one of those days where the cops are out in full force. They are out on the freeways and well traveled streets more during the day than normal and I witnessed several traffic stops throughout the day and night. On my drive home from Steve and Tammy's, I saw two different cars that were pulled over on my short 7 mile drive.
I heard from some on how they celebrated the green holiday. What did you do for your own celebration? I hope you all were safe and didn't get into any trouble! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Irish fish-'n'-chips, green cole slaw, green grapes, and green shamrock shakes (as you may recall)!