Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Fresh Air" In D' House!

OK, I know you're wondering what's up with the "rap-pish" sounding title. When I was bargaining on the sale of this house, one of the items I had requested the former owners to repair was the screens for the windows. I'm not talking about just one or two. Not one of the windows had a screen in place! Not even the patio door! But my requests were to no avail. They said they were not going to fix them. At all. No way. Uh uh.
Just so you know why they were needing to be fixed---for example---the patio door screen had a hole near the bottom of it the size of a beach ball. NO KIDDING!!!! A toddler could have crawled through it because it was so large! I know for a fact that the former owners had a small dog....I was told it was a chihuahua. Don't quote me on that issue. However, if your own pet or child damaged something, wouldn't you be inclined to make the repairs? Even if it didn't belong to you? As time goes by, I realize that the small easy repairs are the ones that were left by the wayside. Light bulb burned out? Get by without that one. Metal trim around the outside edge of a window needs a few nails to keep the window from shredding it as you open it? Naw......just leave it....the window still opens with a little snap as the trim rubs the window frame. The drain in the bathroom sink needs a new rod assembly to plug the drain? Who needs a sink plugged??!?! Closet doors don't operate correctly? Fireplace doors don't open at all? Front door storm door needs a new closer? .....AHGHGHGHG!!!!! Little piddly items that need such a short amount of attention were just left and they called it good!
Yesterday and today, I replaced the screens in the windows that were needing it and today I was able to get them all into the windows that they belong in. Not without a little sweat and cussing and a few gouges in my left hand, mind you. But they're in! The screen door for the deck was the one I was wanting to get done the most. And the cats love the open air and scents from outside as much as I do!
Over time, I'll find other items that need attention but I guess that comes with owning your own home. Next project....remove ugly front yard bushes and ground cover.....or paint a couple rooms inside.....whichever. Gotta love the never ending list of things to do! ;-)


Snoozn said...

Ahhh...the joys of home ownership. At least you'll never run out of items for your "to-do" list! :-)

Kevin Moberg said...

Have you discovered the many uses of Gorilla Glue?