Sunday, September 20, 2009

Momentous Move, Day 2

Saturday morning started out with breakfast courtesy of Kevin. We ate scrambled eggs along with whatever else we could find in the pantry and fridge. Dad and Beverly came back to the farm later in the morning and Kevin's girls helped Beverly fill more boxes and occasionally helped figure out where to load some other smaller pieces of furniture. Cathy, Kevin and I loaded the heavier items. We still had Aunt Penny's pickup and the two cars to use. There was still the couch, a computer desk, a bed frame, some shelves, the computer, several kitchen appliances, and various other items that we used to fill spaces in each vehicle.
Once we had all the vehicles filled, we headed for Tioga. We drove to town like a military caravan.
The unloading process didn't take long with the girls to help carry smaller boxes and help sort them into the respective rooms. Dennis and Julie came back over during the day. Abigail and Hillary and Julie helped Beverly empty some boxes for the kitchen while Cathy organized the office and set up the computer. Suzanna and I worked on putting things away and organizing the storage cabinets in the laundry room.
Dad and I got the bed frame hooked up to the headboard in the 2ND bedroom but not without me bonking myself in the head with one of the wrenches I was using. (if you saw how I was positioned precariously over the bed in order to do this, you'd understand how it happened!) It slipped off the bolt and the handle smacked me on the forehead over my left eye! It instantly created a knot that felt like a small mountain! Nice.

Hillary and Dennis taking a break and having a serious

Julie and Dennis asked us to come over to their house that night and they would BBQ for us for supper. We gladly excepted! The day was perfect for that. Abigail and Hillary went with Julie so that they could help her prepare our evening meal. They had definitely been busy! Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, several toppings for the burgers, Kool-Aid, etc. We were full very quickly! It was so good to have a huge meal after all the work we'd been doing.
After we cleaned up the mess, the girls were wanting to play some outdoor games. We decided on Simon Says. I remember this game as a child. The girls and I initially started out the game. Julie and Cathy eventually joined in. It was pretty fun!
Later, when the mosquitoes came out and got out of control, we headed into the house. Dad and Beverly went home and the rest of us stayed and went downstairs to a lovely movie theatre setting. Dennis and Julie have a great set up for their huge TV and surround sound. We sat then and watched a movie. During this time Julie disappeared and brought from the kitchen bowls of ice cream with toppings for all of us to enjoy! Yummy! Perfect finish to our previous meal.

Outside on the patio before we ate. Suzanna and Hillary sharing the chaise lounge chair.

Dennis relaxing after our big meal. He took care of the grilling.

Dad and Beverly

Cathy and Kevin
We "children" headed back to the farm to get some sleep. Another successful day in which we accomplished a lot. Slowly but surely things were taking shape in Dad and Beverly's new house.

Here is my brother's post from his blog on the activites for this day.

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Kevin Moberg said...

We're s' good to both document these shared events! Isn't that an interesting aspect of the Interwebs--the ability to read two different perspectives of the same event on two people's blogs?