Monday, March 5, 2007

Birthday get-together

DeeAnn, Me, Tammy, Trisa and Lisa
Tammy and Scott cooking
Chris(Dee's boyfriend), Lisa and Trisa
Scott(Lisa's husband) and Daughter Madison
Strawberry cake
Gavin(Trisa and Jamie's son) helping to clean up!

Saturday night my friends and I got together at my girlfriend Trisa's house to celebrate my birthday from the 26th and also my friend Lisa's birthday. Hers is March 12th. We combined our party. I received several gifts from them and gave one to Lisa as well. We ate chicken, porkchops, a macaroni/corn/cheese casserole, potatoes, garlic bread, stir-fried vegetables, chicken quesadilla roll-ups(TGIF brand), chocolate cake and a strawberry cake with cool whip (I know, they don't know how to make the good home-made kind of frosting!) that had white chocolate chips melted in, and fresh strawberries on top. The little kids all had fun running around and playing. The noise reminded me of being at Grandpa and Grandma Moberg's house when all of the cousins were there at once! If that didn't make me feel old, nothing will! Before we all headed home, I had one of the guys take a picture of all of us girls. We try to have a photo taken a few times through out the year.
It was a very nice evening, however, we all ate too much, as usual.


Kevin Moberg said...

You all ate too much? It was noisy with kids running around? You took photos throughout the event, including posed group shots? Yes, my dear, it was VERY much like being at Grandpa and Grandma's . . . or ANY of our family's get-togethers. And yes, sweet sister, you ARE getting old. I, happily, will always be younger than you. Mmmmmwah!

Kevin Moberg said...

Okay, why is nobody else commenting? Either you need to do some advertising, or you, too, have a pack of "lurkers"--readers who stay in the shadows, never letting you know that they've been here. I hate that.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!! Love the pics. Hope to see ya soon. I'll check back again for updates on photos and activities. See ya.
Tammy C

Trisa Eastman said...

hey girlie, I am so honored that you would put out pictures on your blog. I love that you are one of my best friends. I love ya