Friday, March 16, 2007

Only Nebraska!

Ok, so 2 weeks ago yesterday we had a large, yucky snowstorm that made lots of people miss work, made me get stuck numerous times just trying to be nice by helping others whom were stuck, and left behind plenty of snow! Get it? Here's a gentle reminder of just what I had at home!

By this past Monday and Tuesday, all the snow had melted, I was seeing clean, shiny cars after having driven in salt and sand messes on the roads and on Tuesday we had a record temperature high for that day of 80*! It blew right past the old record of 74*!

And now today, we have clouds, temps in the 40's and the forecast is for possibly an inch of snow in the morning. Geez. It's hard to know just how to dress for my outdoor job when the temperatures go up and down like a teeter totter!

Only Nebraska......


Kevin Moberg said...

Obviously you have forgotten your childhood in North Dakota.

P.S. The word verification letters for today (that I have to type in order to comment on your post) are "gekery." Is that like "geekery"? Like "the arts and crafts of being a geek"? What is your blog trying to tell me?!

Susan said...

I can relate to your weather woes -- Sunday, we were walking around in shorts or capris and no jackets. Today, we had an inch of snow fall between 6:30 (when I stepped out to get the newspaper) and 7:30 (when I left to walk to work). We're supposed to get up to 12 inches -- but be back up in the 40s and 50s this weekend. Crazy!!