Monday, March 19, 2007

Top 'O the Morning! (or in our case ev'nin'!)

So, who didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year? I haven't talked to too many people that didn't. I for one, did! And the pictures below will show that! My friends all gathered at Tammy and Steve Champion's on Saturday night for food, drink, sports on TV, more food and of course, Reuben sandwiches! YUM!! Everyone that was there brought a dish or maybe two, to share. Steve and Greg cooked the Reubens, I made mac and cheese for the youngsters, Tammy cooked the sour kraut, Greg cooked a potato/corned beef casserole, others brought chips and veggie trays. Over all, we ate well! Oh yea, there were some very tasty cookies made from cake batter! Who'd have thunk? And each party (or guest as some call it) brought their beverage's of choice! A good time was had by all. Here are a few photos of several that were taken.

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Trisa, Tammy, Lisa(with baby Madison) and Dee
Back row: Penny, Cleo, Trisa and Lisa
Front: Dee, Tammy and Me

Back row: Cleo and Penny's hubby's(sorry-forgot names here),Scott, Greg

Front: Mike, Marcus, Jamie, Steve
Dillon, Logan, Gavin
Gavin, Dillon and Logan

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Kevin Moberg said...

This sounds very fun! I especially envy the menu. We had homemade pizza for St. Patrick's Day supper (and chicken sandwiches for lunch at Sanford's with Cheryl)--all delicious, of course, but not very Irish. We all wore green all day, but that's about it.