Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Residence-currently!

I just realized that I haven't taken any pictures of my townhouse! So guess what I've done? Yep, you're right. First, I straightened a few things and THEN I took some photos. I'll give you more detail after the photos. Here you go......

My garage and entry into my townhouse.
My townhouse and garage.
Small hall, 1/4 bath on right, furnace closet next, and closet straight ahead, entry door with small window towards the back of picture.

Coming in from the entry, facing north. Stairs go up to bedrooms and baths.
My "small" kitchen looking south into living room.
Living room looking west/northwest, towards small hall.
Living room looking south to patio.
Living room looking north through kitchen, towards garage.

My bedroom facing east, 1/2 bath and second closet.
My bedroom looking south, desk on right.
Hall from my bedroom, facing north, full bath on right, linen closet(door showing) and 2ND bedroom past that.
2ND bedroom, used for storage, facing north.
Dining room, hot water heater closet, and hall (that isn't visible) that goes to living room.

There you have it. It just gives you an idea how little space I have. My 2ND bedroom mainly has Christmas decor and plastic tubs full of things for the craft store. Seasonal for the most part. It also has an east window for the morning sun. My bedroom and living room face south and I just love the sun streaming in each day! So do the cats! My patio is in a nice secluded area. There is quite a bit of wildlife and occasionally I see neighbors walking their pets. Otherwise it's just the trees, hills and mother nature.
You may have spotted my cat, Yoda, in on some of the shots. He wanted to be available to show off the toys and hideouts that he and Trouble play with each day. And did you notice any particular theme (or themes) going on in the living room? It's pretty much music or cats for me right now. Trouble, incidentally, was napping this whole time.
It's almost nice enough outside these days for me to take out the patio table and chairs. The spring, and almost summer weather is upon us! Around the end of April, I will start looking for a home to call my own. So if you aren't busy mid to the end of July, plan on a trip to Omaha! I will be moving right about that time. Right, like nothing is happening that month! But feel free to visit before that time if you wish. The two cats and I would love to have you!
My humble little abode.....out there for all to view! YIKES!!!


Kevin Moberg said...

I do like the photographic tour; it's the next best thing to being there! Some thoughts:

(1) Could the garage BE any closer to the front door?

(2) Is there actually a table in your dining room? I see a china hutch and an organ. Or is that blonde wood foldable table from Mom and Dad in the dining room? Do you use it?

(3) An organ AND a piano? How extravagant.

(4) The contents of that second bedroom? There are no words . . .

(5) Do I spy a white-painted built-in in the dining room (or between the dining room and the living room)?

(6) I'm terribly busy mid-July to the end of the month.

(7) When I click on the first photograph, I can clearly see the house number above your garage door. Security on the Internet much, li'l' sister?!

Sandal said...

The dining room table is the matching item to go with the china hutch. They were Grandma/Grandpa Moberg's.
The white hutch is not built in. I bought it about 3 years ago. It's from K-Mart and I had to put it together.
The spare room was in some sort of order until I brought all the Christmas stuff over from the house. Now it's just stacked one on the other. Behind the pile is a walk-in closet that has winter coats and other boxes in it. Plus extra blankets, etc. So my space is all full!!