Friday, June 15, 2007

Laundromat No More!

Today I went to do my laundry at a public laundromat for the last time! (hopefully nothing needs to be done now until I move!) For the last two years, I've had to do this. I don't have the luxury of having a townhouse with hook ups for laundry machines. So this is what I've had to resort to. Gather up and sort all of the loads, the soap, hangers, baskets and quarters. Into the van I would go. Fortunately it's only about 1/2 mile to the facility. And I would make as-few-as-possible trips as I could to that place. So my piles would get quite high at times before I would break down and go. I had to make things last!
The 29Th of June is my closing day on the new house I'm moving to. I take possession at that time. The very next day, I'm having appliances delivered there. And that day won't get here quickly enough for me! I feel like Christmas is just 2 weeks away and I'm age 8 again! You may not understand just how excited I'm getting. : )
All that's left now is to start packing and get all my things over to the new digs. I've been gathering newspapers and boxes from work whenever I find them.
After I close, I plan on renting a carpet cleaning steam vac and cleaning up the carpets. I hope this will hinder my two cats from having any issues due to the fact that the current owners of the house I'm going to, have a small dog. Plus, it will be nice to know that I'm starting out with clean floors!
On an entirely different topic, my friends and I will begin our summer league sand volleyball tonight. We were planning on playing a spring session as well. However, the place that we were to be playing at wasn't prepared and the courts weren't ready. They have done many renovations including a complete remodel to their bowling alley. And they fixed up the exterior grounds as well. So now we finally get to go out and play in a big sand box! With the tempuratures we've been having, it will be quite sultry. It's been in the 80's and 90's for about a week now. But who's all in the name of good clean fun!

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Kevin Moberg said...

We are LOVING our new house. We often--like, several times a week--tell each other, "I love this place." (Does that make us weird?) (I can just hear you: "No, that isn't what makes you weird, Kevin." Naughty sister.) I hope you are as happy with your new home!