Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don't miss the "Golden" Days!

After being on vacation for 10 days, I'm back! Time flys by very quickly when you are enjoying it the most. Such was the case over this past weekend. So this blog will be lengthy, as I have a lot to share with you.
I had the honor of being part of a celebration of 50 years of marriage. And this celebration was held in Colorado Springs, CO. My aunt and uncle, Rose and Elton Gudvangen, were the honorees. Their children, (my cousins!), gave them a wonderful party to help them celebrate along with family and friends. My sister, Cathy, and my brother, Kevin and his family, my Dad and Beverly, were all able to be there as well. So along with seeing extended family, it was a great weekend just to see my own family! We all stayed at the same motel (no thanks to motor home troubles that plagued my Dad and Beverly! That's another story in itself that I'll let Kevin tell!) and thus were able to "hang out" a little longer each night after the rest of the world was shutting down for the day. My nieces, Suzanna, Abigail and Hillary seem to grow a foot in between visits with them! Such young ladies they've become!

Cathy, Kevin and Susan, and myself were asked to sing a song during the program that my cousins had planned. Another out-of-state cousin, Brenda and her children (young adults would be more appropriate!) also added a song of their own. Also performing were the Gudvangens' 8 grandchildren. One time all together for a song, and some of them performed in small groups and duets and trios. There is so much talent not only in the parents of these youngsters but the youngsters as well! Some other family members stood up to tell stories of various events from long ago about the special couple and others just enjoyed being able to share in the evening. Rose and Elton's own kids, Randy, Renae, John and Joanne all played their accordions to round out the program. You would have to hear these four. Words can't convey just how fun it is to listen to them when they all get together and combine talent. My Dad would attest to that! It almost brings tears to his eyes just listening to them. He may be a bit biased as he is an accordion player himself! He also played a song for the couple during the program. After all the special music from family, a dance was held with music being played on, what else---accordion! The teacher that the four kids had while still in school, and his wife, played many selections for the crowd. They were accompanied by Steve Sherwood, Renae's husband, on the drums.

I myself, took 100 photos during the entire weekend that I visited in Colorado Springs. So imagine how many others were also snapping pictures of their own ....not to mention the photographer that was hired to capture special moments.

Randy, Renae, John and Joanne couldn't have done a better job on planning the special event. They and their respective families all pitched in. There was a catered meal--including but not limited to---salads, rolls, baked beans, mixed vegetables, ham, turkey and dessert! Plus, there was a selection of beer and wine for sampling! And of course, a wedding cake topped with the original topper from the cake of 50 years prior.

Each round table was adorned by a simple yet elegant centerpiece consisting of a mirror with a pillar candle and clear rocks. Around each candle was a piece of ribbon, gold and netted in design---to denote 50 years! All of the centerpieces sat atop a golden square cloth napkin.

Each table setting also had silver ware wrapped in a golden napkin as well. The memoirs table in the entrance hallway held photos of Rose and Elton along with a scrapbook that each family member and many friends helped to create. Each party made their own unique page for the scrapbook either with simple but yet special words of congratulations, or, photos of past special memories. What a wonderful memento! Alongside the memoir table stood the wedding dress that Rose once wore. And Judy, John's wife, took the time to wrap MANY candy bars with gold foil and typed "loving" quotes that were tied on by ribbon. These were handed out to the guests.

The next day we were invited to John and Judy's house for brunch. After eating too much for that meal, we headed over to Rose and Elton's house. Upon arrival, we found Rose in the kitchen preparing lunch/supper~just what we needed after an already filling meal! Many relatives came by. And in the Moberg family fashion, more photos were taken! I have included in this blog, just a sample of the fun that was had by all. I will put several more pictures into another blog so as not to leave you out of the celebration. I hope you enjoy these! And don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the "Golden" days-either your own or someone elses. It's a milestone that only a few people in this world actually reach.

Rose and Elton

The 8 grandchildren
The beautiful and delicious cake!
The memoir table.
The 1st cousins
The 1st cousins once removed....or....2nd cousins.

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Thank you for writing this! I'm using you (linking to this post) for my own blog instead of basically rewriting everything you have written for my own post about this event. Yay!