Thursday, June 28, 2007

A wondrous beauty from mother nature

Today when I got home from work, even though the sky was a little clouded over, my flowers were blooming so much that I just had to take some pictures of them. Especially the moss roses. There were so many of them blooming at once. Normally they don't always open up at one time. The geranium is in between nice blooms right now. Old ones are falling off and the new ones are beginning to open up. The rest just add to the other beauties.
Notice the kitty holding the blue gazing ball? It's solar and is very bright at night.
I have to keep the planters on the table so the rabbits don't eat them! But here are the pictures I took. Soon they will be at a new home with me!

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Pretty! Our moss roses haven't really opened up yet . . .