Friday, June 29, 2007

Closing Day

Today finally arrived and I couldn't wait to get to the Title company for the closing on my new house. It was at 9 AM. I was 10 minutes early and shortly thereafter came my realtor and the bank representative with all the stacks of papers for me to sign. The whole process only took 1/2 an hour. I was surprised.
From there I drove to Remax, the Real Estate company that I purchased my house through, and picked up the moving truck. If you buy through them, you get to use their truck for free and also keep it for as many days as you need it. Quite a sweet deal! My girlfriends' Mom, Judy, met me at Remax and followed me to my townhouse. I needed a ride back to Remax to pick up my van. Then I drove back home and picked up all my cleaning supplies and the vacuum and headed to Baker's grocery store to rent a Rug Doctor. I wanted to really clean up the new house before moving anything in. And what better time than before there was furniture in the way!
So after spending roughly 5 1/2 hours cleaning, I called it a day and went home to pack a few more small boxes.
The next day, I was up early and managed to get all the boxes and rubber maid tubs out to the garage. I also moved whatever small furniture I could carry to the garage as well. From there, I filled up the truck. By filled, I'm talking about from the front to the back, waist high. Not piled up to the top. I didn't want the load to topple over from driving.
Two of my friends met me at the house by then and helped me carry it all into the new house to the respective rooms. It sure is amazing how much faster things get done when you have more people to help you! Wow! Not long after we were done, my new appliances, a refrigerator and washer and dryer were delivered. I purchased them from the Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Then I went back to the townhouse and got myself cleaned up. I had a birthday party/4Th of July party to attend. And because I didn't have to work the entire weekend, I had no problem leaving the rest of the mess until the next day.
Sunday morning I rose bright and early once again. I wanted to load into my van all the very fragile things that I didn't want to haul in the moving truck. For example, my TV, stereo, glass from the tables and china hutch, lamps, my computer, etc. I got all the stuff moved and back to the townhouse again before any of my friends came over to help with the big furniture. They were all there around 12:30-1:00. By 5:30 PM, everything had been moved, pizza had been ordered and we were done eating. Everyone had left me to the mess I now had to sort through. It was all a very efficient operation! I can't thank them all enough--especially because the temperature rose to 92* that day!
I still had Monday and Tuesday off from work and planned on making good use of the time to unpack many boxes. Off to work I go!!!!!


Kevin Moberg said...

Wow, does this ever bring back vivid memories of our own move almost a year ago! Exhausting, exciting, sometimes depressing and scary . . . fun, huh? I'm glad you had lots of help. You're so energetic and efficient that I'm sure that's most of the reason for the (relatively) quick move.

Snoozn said...

Now the fun part -- finding new homes for all of your stuff!! Happy unpacking :-)