Thursday, September 13, 2007

A day for Dee!

Today is Dee's birthday! Happy Birthday girlfriend...

Because it falls on a Thursday, we all worked today. But Dee knew where she wanted to go out to eat in honor of her day. She chose Wheatfield's. Omaha has been growing so much and along with growth comes the new shopping areas. One of them is called Shadow Lake Towne Center.

It's adding more stores and restaurants all the time. And because it's nearby, it's convenient too! Wheatfield's has one other location in Omaha but this particular one had just opened up less than 2 weeks prior to Dee's birthday!

So my friends, Trisa, Tammy, Dee and myself (Lisa was unable to attend), met there for dinner and gift giving. We sat and ate huge meals and afterwards, we went shopping!

We drove to another location of the shopping mall and went into a couple other stores. But it was soon closing time so we were forced to leave.......what a bummer! I have to say and I'm sure the ladies will agree......there is never enough time for shopping!

We all had a great time!

Me and Dee

Trisa and Tammy

I just noticed that we were all wearing different jewelry from the Lia Sophia line. I think we make great models. Incidently, Lisa, whom was absent is a consultant and Tammy has just started with it as well. We have all been to many jewelry parties!

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Kevin Moberg said...

You know I checked out the menu for Wheatfield's, baby, uh huh!