Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What color do you feel like today?

My painting yesterday and the impending other paint jobs that I'll soon be working on, has gotten me to think about something. If you've ever watched HGTV, especially the redecorating shows, you know how much they stress using the proper color. For people that are trying to sell a home, for instance, a neutral color, such as white or beige, is best because potential buyers can move in and not have the walls clash with their own belongings. And it makes a room feel larger than it actually is. Darker colors tend to make a room seem small and dismal.
People look at homes while thinking about how much work they will have to put into each room to make it work for them. That includes how much painting they will want to do.

But moods are often affected by the colors they either wear or by the color of the room they happen to be in, or even the color of the sky! How many times have you gotten out of bed and realized it was cloudy? Don't you feel like just going back to bed? How about if it's sunny and warm? Do you feel like going to a lake or taking a walk just to be in the sunshine? Here is something that you may find interesting. It's pretty self explanatory. I'm sure you have all heard the standard rules on what the colors all mean but in case you haven't, now you now.

Color is also used to make a statement in a room. If you want to have a particular item or area stand out, paint can do that. A fireplace (ahem, Cathy. Do you remember what we talked about in your living room?) is almost always the focal point of the room it is in. If it's the same texture or color as the walls, it gets lost amongst the wall decor. It should stand out alone from the walls. These pictures show just what I'm talking about. Whether you use ceramic tile, rocks, a wood mantel, or a simple paint job, the fireplace will look beautiful! And it won't disappear into the wall.

The room I painted yesterday has the color of Taupe. Not only does it match my furniture, but there is a feeling of being in a nice cozy family room! The walls were pure white prior to my handy work. BORING! Now all that's left to really spruce it up is to find some nice Roman shades and get a few accent pillows to bring out the other colors in my couches. I can't wait!

Let's not forget the different colors for each month of the year. Birthstones! What color is yours? Now you can read up and see just what your color stands for. Does it represent you fairly? How about correctly? Here is a list:
  1. January-Garnet
  2. February-Amethyst
  3. March-Aquamarine
  4. April-Diamond
  5. May-Emerald
  6. June-Pearl...(purplish/clear)
  7. July-Ruby
  8. August-Peridot
  9. September-Sapphire
  10. October-Opal
  11. November-Topaz
  12. December-Turquoise

That's as close as I can come to the real thing.

And we can't forget that teachers (Kevin and Susan) use a special color for correcting papers. That's right.....RED! I'm sure you know what that would be. I know I do! ( I saw a lot of it!) I think you get the idea....are you bored yet? There it is in a brown nutshell!


Snoozn said...

FYI -- I like to grade papers using green or purple! I have been known to use a red pen now and again, as well...

Kevin Moberg said...

Color can do so much to make a room feel comfy. I think it's funny that you and we must watch the same HGTV shows!