Monday, September 24, 2007

A new coat!

Today I went to Home Depot and bought the paint of which I already had samples for. I decided to first paint my family room down stairs. I will eventually be painting 2 of my bedrooms as well. I thought I had pictures of the walls when they were white. However, after looking through my pictures, I DON'T! Anyway, here are some photos after the painting was done.
The color is Taupe. The third picture is the truest color. The others look different and the pictures were taken during the day. You might also notice the purple tape I used around the door frames and floor boards. Now all I have to do is hang everything back up on the walls.
Everything is still a bit of a mess but at least the painting is done.


Snoozn said...

Pretty! I'm a fan of taupe colored family rooms! :-)

Kevin Moberg said...

Really warms up the room, doesn't it?