Friday, September 7, 2007

Unwanted Visitors

Question: How much attention do you actually give your lawn? Do you notice when a new weed has sprouted? Or do you notice when the grass has started to brown in any one given area? What about little tiny holes.....maybe the size of a quarter?
Well, because I mow my own grass, I notice some irregularities on occasion. But the other day I saw something that was strange and I wasn't even mowing! I saw these unusual aspects while walking to my mailbox! For instance, the holes. Scattered throughout the grass on the west side of my driveway, were the said holes. No pattern but there were many! And the grass seemed to be turning brown in the area around them. Now I'm not real picky but I do like GREEN grass.......not brown. So I was a little concerned. I had heard about many things that could cause this to happen but I didn't know for sure. Some people told me that garden snakes could be doing it, or squirrels or moles or hornets or......(ish) white grub worms. So I decided to call a lawn care professional. They were here yesterday while I was at work. They wrote down the results for me to look over and put them in my door. NOT A GOOD RESULT!!! Not only does my lawn have mild "summer patch disease", it has white grub worms! How gross! I would rather have the hornets! So I called them and gave them the thumbs up to come back and apply the proper applications to get rid of these nasty looking creatures. And also to get rid of the pesky dandelions and other such weeds. The summer patch disease will cure itself....and hopefully no small critters will dig into my grass looking for a feast of grub worms!!! The grass would eventually die from these worms eating the roots if left untreated. And moles would dig through as well and create small trenches in search of these gross insects. Needless to say, I'm having the grass treated by a doctor!
Just a word of advice......inspect your lawn....I believe it's worth the time to do so.


Kevin Moberg said...

At our previous house, I would mow the lawn begrudgingly, only to avoid mosquito infestations. As soon as September arrived, I refused to mow anymore, regardless of the fact that the lawn continued to grow well into October. Come springtime, I would delay mowing until my embarrassment over the length of the grass would force me outside, and I'd do the first haying, leaving behind rows of piled-up grass.

At this house, not only do I mow and water the grass regularly but I also handpick weeds as they appear. I've also treated our new grass for weeds and bought additional supplies to treat the remainder of the lawn. I'd also consider hiring a lawn care company to treat it--something I never would have considered at our previous house.

I don't know why, but I seem to care more at this house.

My reaction to your weird lawn woes? "Yuck."

Cathy said...


Actually, I've seen those same white grub worms in my flower beds and garden area. (Note, I didn't say garden--there isn't one this year.) :0)
They are theeeee most disgusting things...