Sunday, October 28, 2007

6 days and counting....

I haven't mentioned yet, the upcoming Halloween party that I'm having here at my house. My friends are helping by contributing food, drinks and decorations to make it better than ever. I have purchased a CD of music that will be playing throughout the evening as well. It's called Midnight Syndicate: Gates of Delirium. Check it out. I am listening to it now for the first time. Quite interesting! You can buy other Cd's from this collection. It will (hopefully) set the mood for a frightful ! night! I have been picking a few things up as I find them for decorating my house and outside. I have recipes picked out from a Halloween magazine that is from Taste of Home. It has party and craft ideas along with some easy and delicious recipes!
My basement will have scary movies playing for people to watch if they so chose. And it will be dark with only candles lit for the appropriate aura. I already have a plastic cauldron that will be sitting in the fireplace with dry ice for a fog effect. There has been talk of bringing a fog machine to set outside the front door to make the entry into the house a little bit more spooky.
The best part is, this is a costume party. It was decided to make it adults only so that no one would have to run after the little ones while they try to have a relaxing time.
Next week at this time, I hope to have a report and definitely pictures of how the night went! Stay tuned!


Snoozn said...

That sounds like a lot of fun -- I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!

Kevin Moberg said...

I listened to a couple tracks from the CD -- very appropriate! I like the idea of having scary movies playing, too. I'll be with the C/Kathys in Portland, handing out candy and seeing the new (to me) house. Have a great time!