Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My vacation continues....

I had a lovely, short visit with my brother Kevin and his family: Susan, Suzanna, Abigail and Hillary. Upon arriving at their house on Friday night, I found them entertaining several guests! It was a farewell party for one of Kevin's bosses, Merri Jo(?). She is taking a new job in Iowa at ISU-Iowa State University. I had fun that night even though I had no idea of what I was walking into! I met lots of very funny people!
Saturday we spent lounging around at Kevin's house. The girls had a friend sleep over on Friday night.
Sunday we all went to "Family Sunday School" and then church. Afterwards, I was treated to dinner (lunch?) at Sanford's. It was delicious! Later in the afternoon, Hillary went to Happy Joe's for a birthday party. Susan, Suzanna, Abigail and I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for Baked Beans. We had to get enough to fill a large roaster. Kevin and his co-workers were having a "work-farewell" on Monday for Merri Jo. He was to bring Baked Beans. And boy did he......Susan and I had alot of beans when we were done cooking! And they were very tasty! If I counted right, we had 25 cans of beans, 10 lbs of ground beef, and 3 lbs of bacon. Only a small pan of each was reserved for future use in the Moberg household. We didn't really have a recipe to follow per say but as it turned out, we didn't need it!

After cleaning up our mess, we relaxed a little bit and worked on the puzzles in the newspaper. Then it was time for supper (dinner?) so Susan set to preparing that. Kevin was busy working on some items on the computer for work the next day and the girls were occupied with a next- door-neighbor girl, Jordanne.

Suzanna, Abigail, Hillary and Jordanne

After our evening meal and of course, dessert consisting of Schwan's Ice Cream with carmel topping, chocolate topping and the marshmallow topping that I brought them (their grocery stores don't stock it in Dickinson for some reason), everyone played a game. It was called Apples to Apples. Very cute game! Then it was bed time for the girls. And the adults enjoyed some "adult beverages!" It was nice to see the girls and Kevin and Susan again. The girls grow so much in between visits. Thank you to my whole family (Dad and Beverly too!) for all the goodies and a bed to sleep in! (Thanks especially to Hillary!)

Kevin and Susan

I returned to Omaha Monday night around 10 PM after taking my time getting on the road in the first place. I shopped a little bit in Dickinson before leaving town. All in all, a very relaxing trip!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Thank you for helping with the beans! They were delicious and a big, big hit at the farewell lunch event.

Also, it was fantastic to have you as our guest for a few days. Come back anytime!