Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Time for Christmas 2009

On Wednesday I packed up all my stuff that I had drug into Dad and Beverly's house and got ready to drive to Kevin and Susan's. I was going to spend a couple of days with them. We also were planning our postponed Christmas celebration for Thursday. Dad and Beverly were going to be driving there on Thursday. All the gifts were still left to be opened. I brought several with me from my house that had been waiting to be opened as well.
After school on Wednesday, Abigail wanted to show me how much she has learned to play the alto saxophone. I passed mine on to her when she started in band classes. Here she is performing a song for me.

Susan and the girls went back to school after their Christmas break on January 4TH. So they were all in school but Kevin had another week before he had to go back himself. Because I would be there during the day with Kevin, we were put in charge of our holiday meal for Thursday night. We planned it, shopped for the groceries and then began the preparations before Susan and the girls got out of school.

We had decided on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green been casserole, whipped jello salad with strawberries and whipped cream on top, and a vegetable salad that Beverly made. We also would be having some lefse that I had made and brought with me. Dessert was an Angel Food birthday cake that Beverly had made for Suzanna's birthday, which was December 30TH. It was going to be a good old fashioned feast!

Dad and Beverly arrived at Kevin's about 2:30PM. When the girls were getting out of school, Kevin and Dad went to pick them up. Even though their schools are within blocks of their house, a ride home was in order due to the below zero temperatures. Kevin and I had picked them up the day before in my Escape. They didn't know who's car to look for and were surprised to see me! Today, they were in for another surprise, not expecting to see Grandpa's car!

Once Susan arrived home she helped me in the kitchen. I fried the chicken, Susan and I peeled the potatoes and she cooked and mashed them. I made gravy in the chicken pan with all the good drippings, she made the green bean casserole and Kevin and I had made the whipped jello salad earlier in the day.

The table with all the food that Susan, Kevin and I prepared.

Abigail, Suzanna, Hillary....home from school and swim class and ready to eat!

Susan and Beverly putting the candles into Suzanna's birthday cake.

Ready to blow out the candles! 12 of them this year! Wow!!!

After we finished eating, we went down stairs to commence opening gifts. Here is their pretty tree.

Kevin and Susan's Christmas tree.
The entire family had discussed and agreed earlier in the fall on what to do for the girls for Christmas. They liked playing the Wii game system when they visited their friends. So we thought instead of getting individual gifts for them, to go in together and get this for them.

It was evident by their reactions just much they couldn't believe what they had gotten! And they loved it! There were tears and even a "happy dance"! Along with the console, we gave them extra gaming accessories and some games. They had other presents from other relatives that had been put away until they had opened this gift. They were more games still, and a gift card to use for their choice of games.

The girls were ecstatic over their gift! Our family chipped in and bought the Wii game system for them.

Kevin, Beverly, Dad and Abigail. The blur is Hillary.

Hillary (Abigail in the chair)


After gift opening, it was late enough that the girls had to go to bed. They still had school the next day. And Dad and Beverly and I would all be going home. Kevin had to work part of the day on Friday as well, which required a drive to MT.

Susan and I returned to the kitchen to clean up the mess from supper. We left the mess because we wanted to open gifts before it got too late. Everyone was tired and had a full stomach from all the food and had gone to bed before we finished washing the dishes!

It was a great time being with family for Christmas 2009, even if the calendar showed January 7TH, 2010! It felt like December 25TH, 2009! But we missed Cathy! She stayed in Oregon for the holiday as she had traveled back to the midwest twice during 2009.

I'm anxious to find out how the girls are doing with their new present, the Wii!


Snoozn said...

Wii update: the girls had me set it up immediately upon getting home after school on Friday! They got to set up their "miis" and play a little -- and then it was time to do other things. Sunday afternoon was dedicated to Wii -- and I've got the sore muscles to prove it! Kevin's not had a chance to play yet, but the girls and I have made sure it works :-)

Cathy M. said...

I'm very glad you are enjoying it! Wish I could have been there too. I'll have to practice now, so I can challenge a few girls the next time I visit! :-)

Kevin Moberg said...

I have yet to play with the Wii, although the girls tell me that they have created a Mii for me. (I said that I hoped it was a Hii and not a Shii. They rolled their eyes.) In fact, I think they have created a Mii for both of Yii ("ye"), too, dear sisters.

That was a good Christmas gift idea, indiid.