Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today I had to get up for work while everyone was sleeping; 3:15 AM.  I had to be there at five and because of the holiday flight schedule was pretty sure I could leave at ten AM.  As it turned out, I did.  I was excited because I had the next five days off!  My family was at my house and I wanted to get home to start my holiday! 
It had snowed a little bit during the night and when I arrived home, I discovered that my driveway had already been shoveled off.  My brother Kevin had taken care of it for me.  Their girls were already up and had breakfast and Cathy, my sister, had been up for just a short time.  Hopefully I could sneak in a nap during the day. 
Susan, Cathy and I set to putting together a dessert that we would eat after our big Christmas day meal.  Then I made a salad to eat for any of the meals.  It was a pasta salad that had cooked California Blend vegetables, spiral colored pasta, black and green olives and was then coated in Italian Dressing.  It was very good! 
The girls were having a good time playing my old board games that I had dug out for them.  The basement was perfect for them to use my square coffee table to set them up.  I had my Christmas Cd's out and we were listening to those throughout the day.  Kevin played Christmas music on the piano while we ladies were busy in the kitchen.  Dad and Beverly had wanted to get us a big meal even though they were unable to be here.  He had called me during the week and had me pick up Omaha Steaks with a side of Stuffed Baked Potatoes.  He told me that we should think of them while we chewed!  Oh my word!  ;-) 
So I thought that we could eat that meal for our Christmas Eve supper before church.  It was a bit chilly outside but we decided to grill the sirloins and Kevin had the honor of doing that while we got the rest of the meal prepared and the table set.

The Omaha Steak meal with the pasta salad and lefse I made.  We also had shrimp cocktail. 
Later, we attended the eleven o'clock candle light Christmas Eve service at Morning Star Lutheran Church.  It was a crowd of only about sixty people.  As there were two other evening services, I wasn't surprised. 
The altar area set up with a manger scene.

The main entrance into the church.  The windows behind the trees are all stained glass windows.  When it's daylight, they are so beautiful!

When we got home again, we took a family picture in front of my tree before changing out of our good clothes.  I'm so glad I have a tripod!                 

Me, Cathy, Suzanna, Hillary, Susan, Kevin and Abigail
We got all the kids tucked in for the night.  The girls knew that Santa still had a stop to make at my house and didn't want to be awake to ruin the surprise!  Hillary wanted to make sure that we put out some cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Kevin told her we'd take care of it and sent her off to bed.  After munching on a few snacks the adults hit the hay as well.  It was almost two AM and I never did get in a nap.  Needless to say, I was very tired.  Tomorrow was going to be a relaxing day and I was very excited!


Kevin Moberg said...

Such a pretty church and a simple but moving service. And a delicious supper. And a relaxing day. Sigh.

Snoozn said...

Thanks for hosting us for Christmas, Sandy -- our Christmas Eve was a perfect day!