Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Holiday Continues

Today after sleeping in a little bit, we ate a breakfast of Denver omelets, fruit, coffee and juice. 
My sister Cathy's room mate Kathy was traveling around the Midwest.  She flew to CO, where her Mom picked her up and they traveled by car to Sedalia, MO to visit more of their family.  On their way back to CO, they made a detour up to Omaha to visit with us!  We met them at a truck stop, Sapp Brothers,  just off the interstate (so they could easily get back on the road) for dinner and had a great visit.  I had last seen Kathy's Mom, Bea, a few years ago at Christmas time when I had been to Cathy and Kathy's house in Oregon for the holiday.  Anyhoo, we visited and had fun talking about traveling and the Christmas weekend. 

My sister Cathy, Hillary, Susan, Kevin, Kathy, Bea
Abigail, Suzanna and Me

Before the arrival of everyone, I had found a nearby YMCA that offers use of the facilities even to non-members.  My nieces are all on a swim team back home in Dickinson, ND.  This time of year they normally would be practicing for their meets.  To help keep them in shape, we took them to the Y.  They practiced laps, different strokes and whatever else Suzanna was able to come up with. 
Here they are, all going back and forth. 
Hillary, Abigail and Suzanna
While Cathy, Susan and I stayed at the Y to watch them, Kevin left for awhile to go to a grocery store to pick up a few ingredients in order to make a soup from the ham stock that he prepared the night before. 
We stopped at a drive-up coffee shop on the way home and then Kevin set to work (with a little help from Susan) making the soup recipe he had found on line.   
It was delicious and I kept the recipe for future use!  We also had some baked goodies and Ice Cream dessert later.  That's a given.  Another fun day that passed way too quickly!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Dang, we did eat well at your house, didn't we?