Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dad jinxed me.......and the van!

In order to get everyone on the same page, I will tell you that I had the van's front brakes replaced back in 2004. Last summer, the back brakes were taken care of. All of which were done at Midas. I've been taking the van there ever since owning it and living in the house on Washington Street. They have a life time guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle.
OK, on the way to work on Monday morning, I noticed, upon arrival into the employee parking lot, a very high pitched "ping" sound. But as soon as I stepped on the brake pedal, it stopped. I had planned on getting the oil changed any day so I just decided that I would take it to Midas that afternoon.
As soon as I left the parking lot that day, the noise persisted. I knew that it was my brakes. It was so loud that I could hear it over the noise of driving on the interstate! But the noise stopped about half way to my destination. Thank goodness!.....I was tired of listening to it!
The guys in the shop greeted me as I walked in the door and proceeded to let me know that they had already pulled up the history of prior work that had been done. (More than likely to make sure that the brakes had actually been worked on at a Midas store.) The front brakes ended up needing to be replaced but not the rotors. They also took the rear tires off and cleaned up the brakes there as well. And the oil was also changed.
Now, back up to Easter Sunday. I had given Dad and Beverly a call to see what they were doing for the day. In our conversation, I mentioned to him that I would be paying the van off this fall. It's an exciting event for me because it will be one less payment I'll have to worry about. So Dad made sure to mention that once I have it paid for, I can use the money for repairs! (....all together now.....JINX!!!!) I really can't complain. This van has been a very good vehicle. (....all together now........JINX!) I haven't had to make very many repairs of the large variety, if you will.
So, Dad, thank you for helping me get started on yet another minor repair! ;)

One other thing that I was informed of after taking the front tires off....I will need a new cv boot. It's leaking oil around the rotors. Need I say it...?

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Kevin Moberg said...

You're so superstitious!