Friday, April 6, 2007

A "jeweled" party~

Several weeks ago,(the night of my birthday in fact,) one of my girlfriends, Dee, hosted a jewelry party at her home. The company advisor that she had show the jewels is from Lia Sophia. Check out this link.
Now, before you get any preconceived notions on just how nice or (on the contrary) how cheap this jewelry is, you really have to see it first hand to know how pretty some of the pieces are.
It's very reasonable and it all has a life time guarantee. If anything happens to it, it would be replaced. Incidentally, it's very reasonably priced.
I, as a former employee of Gallery of Crafts, have several items of beaded jewelry. So I thought that this party probably wouldn't be something I would need to attend. But I kept an open mind and went. If for no other reason than just to see my friends! I ended up winning a door prize. A pair of earrings. After browsing the catalog, I chose a very unique piece. It's a necklace with a suede feeling chain, that holds a charm. It's almost 3-D looking. There are different colored gems-mainly light blues, auburn and gold. The stones rest in a square box molded out of antique gold metal. Hanging from that is another smaller box with the same stones. You truly need to see it to appreciate it. The earrings I won happen to match close enough that I can wear them as a set!
From Dee's party, Lisa(another one of my friends), booked a party. This one was just the other night. Well, because I had seen a catalog previously, not to mention the actual pieces in person, I knew exactly what others had caught my eye. So after narrowing it down from several items, I chose another necklace. It has greens and purples for the main colors of the stones. No charm, just a beaded necklace with many sizes and shapes of stones. And it just so happened that I won another door prize! I chose earrings that have one gold 3 sided loop and hanging from it is a silver box. Very shimmery! And they will go with just about anything! I will show you all the pieces whenever I see you next!
Ironically, many things I saw reminded me of my own Mom's jewelry of which I have many pieces. The style, that was so popular many years ago when Mom was a young teacher is back. I saw necklaces that also reminded me of my Grandmothers'. Some of which were crosses. The antique looking black metals mixed in with rich garnets or blue sapphires. I can't believe how styles go full circle. But it's definitely another one of several reminders to me of just how old we are all getting to be! Scary I have to say!


Kevin Moberg said...

I checked out the site and think I know what you mean about the pieces that remind you of Grandma or Grandma or Mom. There's a funky, Bohemian, free-spirited, modern vibe to the jewelry that I saw in the photos--funny how what used to seem old-fashioned in Mom's jewelry drawer (or Grandma's or Grandma's) is now en vogue.

Snoozin said...

I've never been to an actual party, but I got to shop from their catalog last year -- and I LOVE the silver anklet I got. A girls' night out sounds like fun:-)