Monday, April 2, 2007


This photo (see below) was taken one night when my two cats weren't getting along so well. It reminds me a lot of when I was little and my younger brother, whom I'll call "Kevin", used to run past me and smack me on the arm. It didn't matter what I was doing or where I was standing or sitting. Of course I couldn't just let him get away with it. The chase was always on at that point! Until Mom couldn't take the noise and yelling anymore.

So let me do a small narration on behalf of the cats for you.
Trouble(orange cat): "I'll just just sit here for a minute and pretend that I don't see him. Then I'll attack!"
Yoda(gray cat): "Oh what's he going to do? He better get off my spot on this couch or else!"
Trouble: "Aaaa-neey minute now....not yet, not yet..."
Yoda: "That's it....(notice the ears are back..) I'm outta here! He's too annoying!"

Basically, that's how it goes with these two. Trouble gets bored and takes off after Yoda. Yoda gets mad and growls and hisses at Trouble. After a little race around the townhouse, Trouble finally gets distracted by one of their toys or whatever I happen to be doing! On it two siblings! I'll call them "Sandy and Kevin."


Kevin Moberg said...

I have this sister (I'll call her "you"), and she has a very distorted version of reality when it comes to recollecting our childhood. She has this brother (I'll call him "me") who has been, for years, the victim of blame for everything wrong that ever happened to her when she was a child. We have this mom (I'll call her "Mom") who would suggest that I "just ignore her," and so I will.

(But "you" are still funny.)

Snoozin said...

Gee-- I have no idea what the two of you are talking about. MY brother and I get along we see one another approximately once every 6-8 months :-) Okay...maybe life in our home wasn't so different from life in your home -- but I have to agree with Sandy that it was ALWAYS the little brother's fault!!!