Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Visit

Well, after an extended absence from my on line journal, and somehow coming down with a very congested head, I'm ready to update all of you once again!

Dad and Beverly arrived in Omaha around 4 pm Tuesday the 17Th. After getting them set up at the camp ground, we drove to my place and I barbecued hamburgers. They had their little dog Bandy (see photo above) with them and she got acquainted with my two cats. Trouble (my orange cat) had a blast with Bandy but my gray cat Yoda, didn't care to have a dog around. It was rather entertaining watching all of them!
Wednesday and Thursday I had vacation days so that I could spend them with Dad and Beverly. We didn't go anywhere in particular but we went to eat at P.F. Chang's. They had never eaten there but did enjoy it. It's Chinese cuisine...very tasty! I ended up taking my van in to a local auto repair shop because my electric driver's side window wasn't working and hadn't been for about a year. So being I had Dad around with a vehicle, I asked him to follow me and I dropped off my van to have the window fixed. Then we went to eat breakfast at Village Inn. I ended up having to leave my van overnight due to the fact that the part had to be ordered.
We drove around Omaha and I showed them around different parts of town, we just hung out at their motor home and enjoyed the summery weather that we had been having. Thursday we picked up my van after running a few other errands. Beverly requested that we go to Gallery of Crafts, the store I used to work at, and do some shopping. She had some gifts to purchase. We also went to an RV dealer so that Dad could check on a few things for the motor home.

Friday I went to work. On the way home, I stopped and picked them up and we went to look a house that was available. There we met my real estate lady, Tracy, and my friends Trisa and Tammy. The house was a foreclosure property and needed some work. Over all it was kind of neat. But not for me.
Saturday after work, I stopped at the motor home and chatted a while. Then I attended my friend Trisa's Creative Memories party. Then it was back home and Dad and Beverly came over and we ate Popeye's Chicken. A lot of time was spent out on my patio lounging around my picnic table. The weather was very cooperative the whole week.
Sunday morning I went to work and this was the day that they were heading further north. But it was a rainy day so they had to deal with thunderstorms while they packed up. They made it to the Sioux Falls area for the night. But as of right now, I'm not sure just where they are. Hopefully they can come back again real soon.....AFTER I'm in a house! I loved my time with them. Here are a few more photos to share with you.


Kevin Moberg said...

Yay! News! And pics! I just talked to them last night (4/27) and have a favor to ask of you now . . . call me, naughty sister.

Snoozn said...

How's the house hunting going? We look forward to visiting you (and all the yummy sounding restaurants you mentioned) in a new house!