Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moving Day....for Chris and Dee

Sunday, I was up somewhat early to help some friends move into their house. Chris purchased a house in Bellevue, an Omaha suburb. Very beautiful multi-level on a corner lot and also part of a cul-de-sac.
My van is very spacious when I remove a couple seats and push the rear passenger bench all the way to the front. So I picked up Dee and we went to a storage unit that she has been using since October. We filled it up and headed to the house. Upon arrival, we found Trisa and Jamie, Chris and his brothers Tim and Greg, and our friend Scott. After many discussions, Scott and I took my van, followed by Jamie in his car, back to the storage shed. Chris, Greg and Tim went back to Greg's and got a load of furniture that was his. After returning back to the house with another van load (including a washer and dryer!), and Jamie's car loaded as much as we could, we found a few more helpers. After unloading all of that, back to the storage shed I went, this time with Jamie as my passenger, followed by Tim in his pickup. At this point, I've lost track of what and where everyone else was at! We had quite the moving crew! Dee stayed at the house with the help of Trisa, to start sorting boxes and putting things away in the kitchen. Dee's sister-in-law, Lori and her girls were there as well. After filling the van and Tim's pickup, we were off again in the direction of the house. On and on we went, people coming and going with different vehicles of items. Finally, I was able to stay at the house as well, and help clean things out, empty boxes, wash dishes that had been in storage and put things in their new spaces.
Trisa eventually mentioned that it would be nice to have some lunch! Oh yea, food! We were all hungry after all! So a lot of pizza and dessert cookies were ordered from Godfather's Pizza. We all took a well deserved break. We counted 14 adults and a few kids.
Then it was back to work. Later in the day, Dee and I went back to her parent's house (she has been living there to get herself back on track financially) and we loaded up my van with her clothes and personal items, she got her dog, Fankie Sue, a very cute springer, and back to her house we went. Her parents had been out of town most of the week, and after a brief phone call with Dee, decided to come over to the new house upon arrival back in town. They couldn't believe how much we had accomplished in one day!
It was a very good day, the weather cooperated and a lot of hard work had been done by a lot of people!
Congratulaions, Dee and Chris! Enjoy your beautiful home! I'm next......


Kevin Moberg said...

Now, can you call in your markers with these people when it's your turn to move pretty soon?!

Sandal said...

I've already done that actually! One of the guys, Greg, has a pickup with a tommy lift in the back which will come in very handy for the piano and organ. He said he would be there....as have the rest....Whew!