Monday, July 2, 2007


Ok, because I was too busy during the actual move to think about snapping any pictures, I did manage to get a few after the fact. None of the actual crew that assisted me with the huge undertaking but a few of the mess inside.

That's just the way things were left for me. I didn't get one of the kitchen (surprisingly enough!) and I wish I had. That had to be the worst mess I've seen in quite awhile. The counter tops were literally covered with stuff from only a few of the boxes that I knew I needed items. Once you see the pictures of the counters cleaned off, you'll have a better idea of how much was on them!

The computer didn't get hooked up right away due to the fact that I needed another cable jack installed in the room that I had decided to use as my office/crafting room. That small job was done on Friday, later in the week. But that was OK because I was forced to accomplish a few tasks that I may have put off had my computer been up and running! ;)

Monday the 2ND, I returned the truck and received another ride home from one of my friends. She also had the day off from work. Most of Monday afternoon and night, the better part of 8 hours all total in fact, I was busy in the kitchen. I was cleaning out cabinets and drawers, then lining them with new shelf paper. Once that was done.....(which seemed like days,)...........I managed to unpack all the kitchen items, and find a new home for all of it! I even ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher just to clean off the paper wrapping residue. When 11:00 PM rolled around, I was finally done! Ish!!!! I must reiterate the fact that I hate lining shelves and drawers with paper! What a tedious job! But I must admit, they all look like new now! And I can at least cook!


I forgot to mention this little tidbit. Sunday the 1st, I broke in the washer and dryer. As I was trying to organize anything that was in my way, I washed 5 loads of laundry! From regular clothing to towels and bedding and rugs! I love having my own laundry room!

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Kevin Moberg said...

(1) Flashbacks! Having flashbacks!

(2) "Ish!!!" -- ha! You can take the Norwegian out of North Dakota . . .

(3) Yes, one's own laundry facilities are wonderful. And one's own home! Congratulations again!