Thursday, August 5, 2010

ND-Day 3

It was time to start getting ready for the surprise party for Kevin and Susan's 40Th birthdays and their wedding anniversary that is August 14Th. Because Susan had been helping plan to surprise Kevin, it was convenient that she texted us early in the morning to let us know when they would arrive. They actually left their own home earlier than she thought they might. So an arrival of about 10AM was inevitable! But that was OK. We had a good start on setting up the tables and chairs. Decorations still needed to be hung but we decided that Kevin and the girls could help with that! We'll put them to work! Thanks for your help Kevin--hee hee! The food table was ready for food and I had already began preparing dips from my Tastefully Simple collection that would just need to go in the refrigerator to chill. The beer bread was baking and the salads were done. The birthday cake would be picked up later in the morning along with balloons and a few more hors d'oeuvres. Susan herself had baked some goodies to go along with the cake for dessert. It was all moving along nicely! And Beverly had prepared a turkey the day before to use for sandwiches. There's never a shortage of food when you get together with the Moberg family!

Once they all arrived and walked into the garage, Kevin took one look around and started pondering what in the world could be going on. After telling him "Surprise!" and explaining the set up, he was concerned and brought up that he hadn't had a party for Susan back in January for her 40TH. "That's OK," I told him. "The party is for her too but she doesn't know it!" He was good with that. Susan still thought it was only for Kevin. And Kevin had thought that by coming to Tioga a day earlier than planned, it was just so that we as a family could visit before the big weekend when we'd all be busy visiting with out-of-town friends and family. Not so much!

Now that everyone had said their hello's and unloaded Kevin's van, the preparing continued. Kevin and Susan went to the store to pick up the rest of our finger food and sandwich buns, the girls helped in the garage with the decorations along with Cathy and I, and Dad and Beverly (?) picked up the cake and balloons---I think. So much was happening that I'm not entirely sure if that's how it went.

Table confetti

The food table in the back is ready for the food!

This police-looking tape was put up outside over the big garage doors.....

We had told the guests, which included aunts, uncles, cousins and dear friends, that the party would be around 7PM. All of Dad's sisters and brothers came by with their spouses, one of Mom's brothers and his wife, one of Mom's sisters, some of our cousins on both sides and a good friend of Mom from school days, Doreen, stopped by too. Beverly's son and wife were also there. I believe we had roughly 30 guests in attendance.

Kevin and Susan holding a Norwegian wedding cake that Susan had made herself! It's called kransekake. Otherwise known as "wreath cake".
Here is Cathy, Kevin's and my sister, presenting some gag gifts to them. I had given Susan a tiara with the number 40 and flashing lights. I also gave Kevin an inflatable cane (hanging over his arm), and Susan a hot flash fan. Kevin is also wearing a cap with a indication of "I'm never growing up!" They were good sports through it all!

Cathy gave them each one of these to be signed in place of a guest book. Can you guess who got which one???

Checking out the gifts.

Here's all the food....waiting for the guests.

Kevin and Susan have always been active in theater, thus the mask decorations. And of course music has been part of all of our lives so that was an obvious choice for decor as well.
After they opened cards and gifts, we made sure to take pictures of Dad and his siblings. It's not very often that they are all together.
Dad and his siblings: back row-Penny, Alden, Rose. In front-Dad and Ray. Their sister Sharon is deceased.

It was such a great night! I can't remember the last time so many relatives were together to celebrate a birthday. It's been years. This was just the beginning to a great weekend ahead!

Here is Kevin's version of the surprise party. He has more pictures of the guests that you may like to see.

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Kevin Moberg said...

"Not so much." Ha!

Yeah, that really was a lot of fun. Just having all the family gathered again like when we were growing up was great. I miss those days of getting together for happy occasions and not just for funerals.