Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cats on attack lookout!

The other day as I was doing something in the kitchen, I noticed that the cats were intent on watching something out the door. Upon further observation, I saw a bunch of birds out in the yard, frolicking in the water run off from my sprinklers. I had the inside door open and the cats didn't take long to see the wildlife gathering. Trouble, the orange cat, saw them first. Then Yoda spotted them not long after. Yoda was half way up the stairs when he caught sight of them so he just hunkered down as low as he could get....considering he was on the steps, it didn't leave him much space to get on his belly! Soon he crept his way down to the door and joined Trouble for a better view.
They have had no problem getting used to the new house. They especially love the windows all over. The basement has windows with a large sill that they can sit on. And it's better for them when I have them open....the birds are eye level and they can hear them chirping. It's quite funny to see their cat tails hanging out from under the curtain and swooshing back and forth as they ponder an attack! And the living room windows, if you recall, are all floor to ceiling. So they spend a lot of time peering through them.