Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dennis retires from SWA

Dennis Brislen, 66 years old, decided it was time, after 10 years of employment at SWA, to call it quits. Yesterday, July 16th, was his last day. He and his wife Jan aren't wasting any time on their travels either. They were planning on flying out of Omaha to California this morning! Dennis, Jan and a bunch of people that work with him decided to get together at The Upstream Brewery here in Omaha. Dennis started just a year after I did. So I've known him for many years. He was a customer service agent....in other words, he worked at the ticket counter and the departure gates. He is still an avid runner....and ofter competes in marathons. Two of his own children were able to attend as well. It was a very bittersweet yet exciting event for him. He will love being able to sleep in and travel on any day of the week....without having to get the days off from work! I made sure to take my camera. I wasn't the only one snapping photos with it. I have to say, it was interesting to see what I had for pictures after I got home! Here are just a few to show you our fun time!

Patti and me next to her
Roger and Don nearest the camera on the end.

Dennis's wife, Jan and me
Dave (not from SWA but a neighbor of Dave whom works at SWA) and Dave

Jodi, Rodney, Dennis, Jan, Me and Patti
Dave, Dennis and Jodi
Me and Dave.....Dave took the photo while standing next to me.
Amy (Dennis's daughter), Kathy and Jan
Rodney is behind the lamp shade......looks good on him!

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DB said...

Hi Sandy...

I just found your blog on a google search...what a neat tribute and pics! I still miss SWA and all my friends but it IS good not to hear that 3:30 am alarm clock. Thanks for all your friendship and great attitude over the years. You are a special person! Hope to see you soon...

Luv, Dennis