Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My growing list

Now that I had a few days to organize the major stuff, today was when the clothing and china hutch would get unpacked.
Do you ever notice that there is always something in a house that you want to add something to or change or paint or needs fixing? I had already made a few mental notes of some of these things and decided to start a list of what I would eventually need to purchase or change.
After the job of putting away my clothing, I started in with unpacking the millions of items I have for the china hutch. It happens to be part of a set that includes a big dining room table and 6 chairs that I inherited from my Grandparents Moberg. (Dad's side) I'm trying to keep in mind that I now have more of my own Mother's things from her china hutch that I would like to include in the inventory of the hutch. OK, what do you leave out to make room for other things? I have yet to figure that out! As I type this, my hutch is full and the box of my Mom's things is sitting on the floor while I try to figure out how to incorporate all of it into the hutch! AAACCCKKKK!!!!! Not going to happen! The only thing I can come up with at this point is to add another item to the growing list of future purchases! Another small glass enclosed cabinet that would fit beneath the half wall in my kitchen! I believe it would provide ample space to display all the beautiful items that I don't want to hide in an enclosed cabinet.
Or...........now that I have a garage.....a garage sale for my own things would work too!

I almost forgot. One of the items on the list was a lawn mower. During the day, while taking a break, I drove to the mall-namely Sears, and purchased a lawn mower. I purchased a Craftsman push mower. Nothing fancy...but enough to get the job done! So shiny!!!


Kevin Moberg said...

(1)"Grandparents Moberg"? I love that plural! I'm going to try to use it myself several times today. Instead of asking for the Johnson files, I'll ask for the "files Johnson."

(2) "AAACCCKKKK!!!!!" -- funny.

(3) Yes, it's hard to keep incorporating other people's stuff into one's own stuff, isn't it? Good thing you have more room now . . . to start filling up!

(4) It's good to have a lawn mower, too. That practical stuff (washer, dryer, lawn mower, plasma-screen TV, etc.) is often under-appreciated, but being able to do things yourself is a good feeling. (Not that I generally mind paying someone else to do something for me when I don't feel like it, mind you.)

snoozn said...

Warning: I think we got another box that might have been going to you. Kevin brought back a box when he returned from Jerry's wedding. It has your name on the top, and it is filled with cook books, recipe boxes, and stacks and stacks of individual recipes. Just a little more stuff in need of a home :-)