Saturday, July 14, 2007

House Warming Party....definitely hot.

On Saturday the 14TH, my girlfriend Dee and her boyfriend Chris, held a party to celebrate the new house that they moved into on Memorial Day weekend. They had already purchased the hot dogs, hamburgers and brats to put on the grill. So everyone else brought either buns or their choice of a side dish, to help her out. I made a salad. It was Caramel Apple Salad. Very good! And it was a hit with all the other guests once they figured out that it wasn't potato salad! (?) I guess the apples made it look like potatos. The recipe is very simple: chopped apples and chopped snickers candy bars stirred into a dressing made up of cool whip, instant vanilla pudding and milk. It is very refreshing on a hot summer day.
I'm not sure just how many people were there but I would have to guess about 60. Not only were our immediate group of friends there, but so were Chris' family, Dee's family, neighbors and Lisa's family. It was a great time. People sat outside on the patio most of the time. The kids were running around playing with balls and the all time favorite on a hot summer day......squirt guns! The tempurature rose to just a mere 94* that day. It wouldn't have been so bad if the humidity had been lower. A very moist hot day.
But it didn't stop people from having a good time. Congratulations Chris and Dee!


Kevin Moberg said...

I had forgotten about that salad. It IS good.

Helen said...

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