Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cat pictures can be deceiving....

I've taken some other photos of my cats........I know, shocking! They appear to be best friends or partners in crime. However you look at them, it's not what you think! The first one depicts them just being cozy....not so. Yoda (gray cat) was sleeping right where he is in the photo. Trouble (orange cat) decided to bring the toy that is next to him upstairs and play right next to Yoda. Then he commenced OPERATION ATTACK YODA. He does this quite frequently. No warning to Yoda what-so-ever. Yoda gets mad and then runs. Yup, like a scared rabbit.
The next picture is Yoda being classy with the toy (beads from my Las Vegas trip with sister Cathy on her 40th some years ago ;-)....) and playing with them in said fashion.
And the last picture is of the two of them after they accidently discovered that they were laying next to each other--without fighting!---and waiting for me to finish my breakfast! Seeing them side by side this way doesn't happen very often. Unless you count all the wrestling matches and battles between them! It's like having two children.....really! They run up and down the stairs, up and over the couches, etc. So don't let the photos of ANY cat fool you! It more than likely isn't what it looks like! Trust me!!!!!

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Kevin Moberg said...

"Her 40th some years ago"? Ouch! Appropriately enough for the topic of this post, that sounds "catty"!