Saturday, November 24, 2007

Parent Locator #1--2ND Annual Winter Getaway

This year marks the 2ND year that my Dad and Beverly have "closed up shop",(if you will) loaded up the motor home, hitched the car behind and have begun their travels which will ultimately end somewhere in the south with warmer temperatures.

Last year, my brother Kevin, was kind enough to keep everyone up to date on where they currently had set up camp as the days went by. So this year we decided that I would try to keep you informed. Here goes....

The traveling duo left the farm in ND around the end of October sometime. After making a quick stop in Dickinson, ND to visit my brother Kevin and his family, they set their sights west with the first destination being Blackfoot, ID. It's located southwest of Idaho Falls, ID and north of Pocatello, ID, approximately halfway between the two on I15. They have friends there that they met last year while staying in Castle Rock Shores, AZ.

From there they continued west to see my sister Cathy and her house that she's been in for two years now. Cathy lives south of Portland, OR in a town called Woodburn. They found a nice travel trailer park and stayed there about a week. From her house, they continued on their way but headed south towards Reno, NV. Dad's younger brother Ray and his wife Connie live there.
That's where they are right now. Except that my Dad has decided to spend a few days in the hospital there with some heart problems that will soon be resolved! We thought he would be released on Saturday but that wasn't the case.

And special thanks to Uncle Ray and Aunt Connie for the extra help for Dad and escorting Beverly around. Also thanks to Bruce, Ray's son-in-law. He is a doctor specializing in pulmonary critical care in the hospital that Dad is staying and happens to work on the same floor that Dad is on! So we are blessed to have him watching over Dad too!

Our prayers are with you Dad....take care....we love you.

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