Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holidays = Foul Weather

It would seem that Mother Nature paid a visit to Omaha and parts of Iowa just in time. That is, in time to disrupt the Thanksgiving Holiday travelers that have embarked on their respective journeys to visit family, friends and the like, with our first snowfall of the season. Some hadn't even hit the road, some were enroute to the airport and some were simply just leaving home and finding themselves amidst several fender benders on the interstates and roadways. However, there were reports today of many accidents that were more than just fender benders. In fact, after I left work today around 1:30 PM, I came upon an accident not more than a couple of miles from the airport. It happened to be right in the middle of an overpass too. So it was very slippery and because the overpass itself curves, I had little time to react as I couldn't see what was ahead immediatly. Now, before you assume the worst, NO!, I didn't get into an accident. But, I had a close call! I found myself fish-tailing, and aimed directly at 3 vehicles involved in an accident plus two police cars that had responded to the unfornunate event. As I'm doing everything in my power to avoid all of them, I'm seeing car doors of the stopped vehicles open! Just as I'm getting closer and closer to wiping out some car doors, policemen, and maybe a curb or two, (from sliding on the road) my van straightens out and I'm able to stay in my lane and drive by the entire scene without incident. Cut scene: while this is all happening at blazing speed, I'm cursing (yes, me...) and seeing myself in the future (through the thick, blue cloud inside my van!) ....maybe in a small room with 4 walls, a cot and a steel toilet seat and nothing more....harrumph! Because somehow, with my luck, I'd be in trouble for an "accident".
Fast forward 30 minutes: my nerves have settled, I've made a stop at the grocery store and I've arrived home without further incident! As you can see from the photos, I found quite a bit of snow had accumulated on the roof of my house and the grass everywhere you looked.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels and eat like there's no tomorrow!

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