Friday, November 9, 2007

Look who was on TV!!

My friend Teresa, was telling us at the halloween party about her "tv time" that was coming up this week. It was on the local news last night. This is the link. Once there, scroll through the story choices under the video box. You will see a picture of a hand holding a cell phone. This is the one you want. It's called Tracking Teens. You might have to use the arrows to find it. It's very interesting and fun, to be able to watch someone you know on tv of all things! It sure doesn't happen very often.

Teresa, can I have your autograph?


Kevin Moberg said...

I watched it. Not only is the technology cool, but it's also cool to know someone featured so extensively on a news segment (and in a good way--not a story about a death or a crime or something).

Kevin Moberg said...

Nice photo of the week, by the way!