Sunday, November 4, 2007

Post halloween party of 2007.

Oh my gosh....where do I begin? How about if I just show you the pictures.....all 24 of them!?!?!? Scott and Lisa. AKA Larry the Cable Guy and a Pirate

My entertainment center....decked out! There were black lights on to make it all glow!
My front door....need I say more?
One of the grim reapers!
Trisa as a toothbrush.
The organ looking as if a ghost should be sitting down to play.
Trisa and Jamie ....(he called himself "confused"), and Dee as Medusa.
My inflatable cooler. Watch out!
Chris and Dee. AKA a Scarecrow and Medusa.
Trisa the toothbrush, Dee (Medusa), Tammy ...the Outlet, and me....50's girl with poodle on jacket!

Most of the goodies....Fried chicken and BBQ meatballs and punch didn't fit on this counter.
My Minnesota Viking pumpkin.
The official front door greeter (he talks and his eyes light up)....and my luminaries for the driveway.
Poor soul, she didn't quite make her landing! ;)
Just in case people didn't see the rest of the decorations to find the right house!

Bat lights and cob web.
More party decs....
The bud light pony keg....
Her arms and head move up and down....with sound.
My cauldron had dry ice....for awhile anyway.
He moves up and down as well.

Well, there you have it.......we had more food than we could all eat. We had eyeball eggs, brain jello mold, Bobbitt dogs, pumpkin pasta salad, ghostly shaped chips, ghost cookies and finger cookies to name a few items. The basement was all black except for the glowing white all around. And there were scary movies playing. For some reason, I don't have any pictures of Steve, Tammy's husband. He had on the electrical cord to plug into the outlet....2 prongs and all! It was great!
It was roughly 12:30 AM when I got to bed. Thank heavens I didn't have to get up early on Sunday....phwew....too much fun.


Kevin Moberg said...

This sounds (and looks) like a total blast! Your friends are quite creative with their Halloween costumes!

Kevin Moberg said...
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Kevin Moberg said...

By the by, we never did receive our invitation in the mail . . .