Friday, November 30, 2007

The lights are on....and I'm home! ;)

I wanted to show you the lights that I've used to decorate the outside of my house. Pictures just don't show how pretty they look but at least you get the idea. I put some of them up about 2 weeks ago when we still had 70*. The rest went up a week later with 45*. I plan on decorating the inside of the house either today or tomorrow. After all, we are supposed to have a messy storm on Saturday with freezing rain, snow and wind. I actually am off from work too so that is nice! It will be a good inside project.

The pictures all look different due to my experimenting with the settings on my camera for night time photos. I'd never used it before so I thought I would see what they look like. I like them....I think. Here is a brief explanation of where all the lights are:
  • 1 string in each of the upper windows
  • 1 string around the tree on the left
  • 2 strings along the gutters
  • 1 string wrapped around the railing (behind the bushes) that are all white
  • 2 sets of net lights on the bushes in front
There you have it. I had planned on buying some pathway lights that were sold out when I went shopping. Maybe next year...

I will also get one more string for the deck on the back of the house. You can actually see the deck from the street out back. So I thought I would light it up as well. Why not?