Friday, November 23, 2007

The real meaning of Thanksgiving

This year, I chose to work and get paid the overtime on Thanksgiving Day. Plus I signed up and worked a 14 hour day today--Friday--which was all overtime as well. I'm thankful for this.
But the night of Thanksgiving, I had a phone call from my Dad's wife Beverly. My Dad was in the Reno, NV. This is where my Uncle Ray and Aunt Connie live. Ray is my Dad's younger brother. I'll be writing more on this trip very soon to catch you up on what they are up to. But for now, this is what happened.
Dad had some tightness in his chest but from what I'm told, didn't think he needed a Doctor. My uncle Ray had gone out to the motor home to talk to Dad and after finding out how Dad was feeling was able, along with Beverly, to talk Dad into going to the Doctor. He went to the emergency room and they found out his blood pressure was elevated to almost 200. NOT GOOD! Then they decided to test the enzymes in his blood. This, I found out from a web site, WEB MD, will help determine if the heart muscle has sustained any damage. For example, a mild heart attack. As hours pass by more tests are done. If the enzymes are high, there has been some damage. My Dad's were higher than normal. He had had a mild heart attack. He, in the mean time had been moved to ICU and was being monitored and was given something to rest. He is fine and will be leaving the hospital on Saturday. What more can we be thankful for! We all love you Dad! Take care and be safe.

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