Sunday, May 10, 2009

College Graduation 2009

Yesterday was a big day for one of my friends. Susan Mortensen, 39, completed courses and earned a Bachelors in Business with a minor in Marketing. Right now it's just an Associates in Arts in a Business Transfer program. (she's not sure if she stated it correctly but you get the idea....hopefully!) She attended Metropolitan Community College.
The ceremony was during the day but last night there was an open house/party at her house in honor of the occasion. True to form, there was a ton of food to munch on and of course a main meal consisting of salads, fried chicken and of course a cake! Coolers full of wine, beer, pop and Kool-Aid were also available to wet the palate. Susan is always the over-achiever when it comes to feeding people! Pretty much reminds me of the ways of my own Mother, making SO much food! But I have a feeling that a good dent was made in all of it!

Her oldest daughter was in charge of getting a cake. Unbeknownst to Susan, a picture from her senior year was put on it!

Part of the large group that attended. Some had already gone by this time. And others were arriving after it was taken.

Trisa, Susan, Tammy, Me
I think it would be very difficult to return to school after being out of school for so many years. I'm proud of her accomplishment! I know that she plans on taking more classes. Good luck Susan!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Yay! I love graduation. Our university had its commencement yesterday, and I teared up at the drop of a hat all throughout the ceremony. Congrats to your friend.