Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend Visitors

While I was in ND at Dad's, we had the chance to see a few other people other than Dad and Beverly. Sunday night, my Aunt Penny (Dad's sister) and Dennis and Julie (Beverly's son/daughter-in-law) came over to eat supper with us. Beverly cooked a big meal consisting of scalloped potatoes, ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped corn, and salads. I had brought some rhubarb along with me from Omaha and Susan helped me bake an apple/rhubarb dessert that I had never tried before. The whole meal was delicious!
After gorging ourselves, we sat around the kitchen table, which is a tradition in it's own making, and visited. Why we don't retire to the comfort of the furniture in the living room, I've yet to figure out!
The girls played a game of Concentration with Julie during the visiting.

Bandy gets in on the conversation on Kevin's lap...

Here is Julie pampering Bandy

The Concentration game is getting serious! Hillary, Julie, Abigail all wishing it was there turn when they see the next selection the other players make!

Julie and Dennis

Aunt Penny with Hillary

It's always fun to get home to ND and enjoy the calmness of the country. Not to mention seeing extended family!

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Kevin Moberg said...

Aw, Aunty Penny! Can't you just hear her laugh when looking at her photo?