Saturday, May 16, 2009

Look Before You Step!

After I moved into my house, I decided that I wanted to have some of the floors done in tile. It's taken me this long to get to this project but if you recall, I've had some other little issues that took precedence! Let me jog your memories. Does the word tornado mean anything to you or help you to recall all the other little projects that I had to tend to?
Well, one little room at a time, I plan on replacing the vinyl floors with ceramic tile. The first one to be done is right inside the front door of my house. The entry way floor.
Here (click a picture in the link to view the floor a little closer) is the best way to show you what it looked like....with the cats of course! You can see that it's just vinyl flooring.
I happen to have a connection to someone that installs tile. My ex-husband! So I had him do this work for me. He brought his youngest son Ryan over and it took maybe 1/2 an hour, tops. The area isn't very large as you can see in the photos below. A few days later the grout was put in. The pictures make it look more brown than it really is. But it has lots of greens and beige in it along with brown tones. The grout is a dark brown color. The greens blend nicely with the furniture in the living room and ties it altogether. It sure does dress up the entryway! The cats love laying on it...maybe to cool off their big bellies!

The tile and spacers still in grout.

The finished floor....with the grout!

Another angle....Yoda in on this photo!

Now I just have to have a carpet guy come over to finish the raw edge of carpeting around the tile. Right now it's just laying loosely over the tile. They will need to put a carpet something-or-other over the edge. Possibly an edge strip?
Next time you visit....look before you step! and check out the tile floor.


Snoozn said...

The tile looks great! And nice to have dependable labor, too. Can't wait to see all the changes the next time we visit!

Kevin Moberg said...

Aren't you fancy-schmancy!