Monday, May 18, 2009

Flowers Galore....Part Deux!

I thought the flower planting was done.

I noticed a few days ago while watering all my plants that a couple of marigolds were withering and turning brown. Alas, they didn't survive. So today I stopped at Menard's to pick up more flowers. There were so many pretty ones that I had a very hard time not buying only the selections that I knew I needed. One 6 pack of marigolds and one 6 pack of begonias.
I took out the two dead plants and replanted 2 new ones. Then the rest of them went into a pot that I set next to the sidewalk.
I also planted the begonias into a pot and placed it on the deck behind the house where they will be protected from the hot sun.
My total on flowers is now up to 107! Well, minus the two dead ones....105 I guess. Oh, I did notice that one of the glad bulbs has popped through the ground. I'm not entirely sure why there is only 1 out of 8 coming through the soil. Hopefully our predicted hot days will turn the others around and I'll find them doing just as well!



Telling you that I'm finished may end up not being true if the other glad bulbs don't grow. Then I'll be forced to buy other flowers to put in the place of them! That would be utterly awful!


Kevin Moberg said...

The blinky flower graphic at the end of your post is the perfect punctuation!

Snoozn said...

I love begonias! They'll look lovely all summer. And Hillary LOVES the sparkly, plinky flower in your post :-)