Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flowers Galore!

The weather on Wednesday this past week was so nice that I had to take advantage of it and do some yard work. But not mowing if that's what you're thinking. My yard work was in the form of planting flowers! (A few weeks ago, I planted 8 gladiolus bulbs. I'm not so sure that they are even growing. However, I had left room around them for other plants.)
There is a lot of sunlight in the front of my house now that there isn't a tree to shade the area. So I am able to have some of my favorite plants that thrive in the heat of the day.
After work I stopped at Home Depot to check out their selection of flowers. I admittedly was surprised by the lack of choices. I did pick up alot of moss roses (this picture is of my flowers from last year!) and pansy's. I also picked up a Geranium and a Sweet William plant that were both pretty well established. I also found a few Marigolds and Petunias. All total I think it was 75 total plants.
I got them home and proceeded to put them into planters and my new landscaped areas that were prepped last summer. Once they were all in, I still had a little bit of space left in the ground and a few empty planters.
The next day I stopped at Shopko. They always have such a large display of gardening supplies and tons of flowers to choose from. It takes up most of the parking lot with all the tents and temporary shelves that are needed for all the flowers. There, I found just what I was wanting! Snapdragons! I believe they are a close first to my favorite, the moss roses. I also bought more moss roses and marigolds. One can never have too many moss roses. They are so pretty and have very bright blooms. After planting all these, my new total was 95!
I took pictures of everything I planted so that I have something to compare later in the summer once they have had a fair chance to grow!

Moss Roses
Snapdragons, Moss Roses, Snapdragons



Moss Roses...this area should be covered when they mature!

A little of everything by the front door. The back row against the wall is where the gladiolus bulbs are supposed to be growing! ???

The Geranium hanging and the Sweet William in the planter that my aunt and uncle, Adeline and Duane gave me!
All the pansies on the deck behind the house. They love shade!
Next time I take pictures of all these flowers, I hope that all the planters are overflowing with blooms. And the area in front by the front door will hopefully be covered with plants and the soil won't show! Cross your flower blooms!


Kevin Moberg said...

You and your green thumbs! You have a lot of cute planters. We haven't even discussed plants yet this spring. I mowed the lawn twice, but I have yet to bend down and weed any of the flower beds. School just ended for me last week, so now I'll have time in the evenings (now that I'm done grading and lesson-planning) to consider the yard.

Hillary said...

Ooooh....fancy flowers! We don't have any flowers planted yet, but I sure do like yours.