Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another graduation

Yesterday I attended a graduation party for my friend Tammy's son, Tyler. He actually graduated Sunday. They held an open house for him yesterday at their house. They had sooo much food. All cooked by them! BBQ meatballs, BBQ pulled pork, hot dogs, sliced cucumbers in dressing, pasta salad, chips, salsa, cheese, iced tea, lemonade, water, beer, wine, a big cake--white with strawberry filling and chocolate with bavarian cream filling, and mints. A feast fit for a graduate and all his guests!
There was a big tent set up on the driveway, butted up against the garage to provide additional shade, or as the case was yesterday for a short time, shelter from a passing rain shower! Several tables and chairs had been set up under the tent and all the food was lined up on tables in the garage.
Inside the house, Tyler himself, had put together a video that included photos of himself as he grew through the years, competed in dart tournaments and chess tournaments. There were also family photos with his siblings, pictures of the actual graduation and the best one being one of Tammy and her sisters and Mom, smooching Tyler's cheek after graduation! Very cute! They had a large picture frame with Tyler's photo in the middle and room around the edges for all the guests to sign and wish Tyler their best.
Many friends and relatives of Tyler and his family were meandering around, filling their plates and indulging in conversation all afternoon. A very special event for a special graduate! I'm so glad I was able to take part! Congratulations, Tyler! You have a very bright future ahead of you!


Kevin Moberg said...

I love "graduation season" for precisely this reason: buffets at the graduates' homes! Sounds yummy. (Oh, yeah, and congratulations to the graduates, too, blah blah blah . . .)

Sandal said...

yea, it's all about the food! ;)