Monday, May 21, 2007


Sunday, May 20Th was a special day for some young adults. Including Ryan McCloud. He is my stepson. However, he had some difficulty towards the end of the school year with some classes. Whether or not he would graduate was questionable for awhile. But he made it. His Mom, Mindy, wasn't so sure what to do about announcements, etc, not knowing if would pass. had a phone call on Friday from his Dad, Ron that he would graduate at 4:00 pm Sunday the 20Th. So yesterday I attended this huge event. His brother Aaron, whom is a year older, was unable to attend due to the fact that he couldn't get out of working. After the ceremony, Ryan's Mom invited us back to their house for a small open house. His Aunt Dianne and cousin Dylan from San Antonio, TX were in attendance. His other Aunt Linda from Omaha has chronic laryngitis and had strict orders from the Dr not to be talking. So she didn't come either. His Grandmother and Great-Grandmother from Arkansas were able to make the drive in spite of the short notice.
We were able to see Aaron for a short time once he arrived home from work. I took several photos and will share them with you. But I didn't get any pictures of Aaron. Sorry...
Even though Mindy didn't have much time to prepare, she was able to come up with some last minute hors doeuvres. Including some very tasty crab dip served with crackers. She also was able to bake a cake in honor of the occasion! Over all, it turned out quite nicely. Ryan had to turn in his gown immedietely after the ceremony so all he had at him Mom's was his cap.

Ryan and his aunt Dianna
Ryan and his Dad, Ron
Me and Ryan (he grew taller...obviously!) I used to be taller than him!
Ryan's brother Cameron, Grandma, Ryan, his Mom Mindy and step Dad Chris

Ryan's cousin Dylan and Ryan

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Kevin Moberg said...

Wow! Does Ryan look like his dad, or what?! Congratulations, Ryan!